The 1997 “Flights of Genius” £2 coin cover is an exceptional Royal Mail first day cover, carefully crafted to pay tribute to the remarkable design achievements within the realm of aviation. As we delve into the history of human flight, this special edition cover takes us on a journey of innovation and ingenuity.

Nestled within this collectible is a brilliant uncirculated £2 coin, meticulously crafted by the prestigious Royal Mint, reflecting the excellence and artistry associated with the world of aviation. This coin not only symbolizes the advancement in aircraft design but also captures the spirit of adventure and exploration that has shaped our world.

Additionally, the “Flights of Genius” cover features a set of Royal Mail stamps. These stamps portray a stunning collection of fighter jet aircraft in various stages of flight, celebrating the dedication, creativity, and technical brilliance that have propelled humanity into the skies.

The cover’s postmark, dated 23rd August 1997 in Lancaster, serves as a historical reminder of the significance of this commemorative event, connecting us to the heritage of aviation and the enduring spirit of exploration that has defined our journey into the skies.

The coin cover is pre owned, yet it remains in superb condition.

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