William IV Halfcrown 1834 Almost Uncirculated S3834


William IV Halfcrown 1834 Almost Uncirculated S3834

This William IV Halfcrown from the year 1834, distinguished by the reference number S3834, is a numismatic treasure that offers a window into the regal splendor of the early 19th century. Graded as Almost Uncirculated, this coin is a testament to the craftsmanship of the Royal Mint during the reign of King William IV.

On the obverse, a finely detailed portrait of King William IV graces the coin, capturing the dignified features of the monarch during this pivotal period. The intricacies of the design reflect the precision and artistry of the Royal Mint, showcasing the regal countenance of the king.

The reverse features the symbolic crowned shield, emblematic of the strength and heritage of the British Empire during William IV’s reign. The S3834 reference number further identifies and categorizes this halfcrown within the series, providing collectors with essential information about its specifications.

Graded as Almost Uncirculated, this coin exhibits minimal signs of wear, preserving its original detail and mint lustre. The coin’s condition is a testament to its careful preservation over the years, making it a desirable addition to any discerning numismatist’s collection.

For collectors and enthusiasts, this 1834 William IV Halfcrown represents a tangible piece of historical and numismatic significance. Whether admired for its historical context or its exquisite design, this Almost Uncirculated S3834 Halfcrown is a captivating embodiment of British coinage heritage.

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