William III Crown 1695 First Bust Very Fine/Good Very Fine


This William III Crown, dated 1695 and featuring the First Bust of King William III, offers a compelling glimpse into the late 17th century. The obverse of the coin presents the regal likeness of the monarch during a significant period in British history. Graded as Very Fine to Good Very Fine, this coin attests to its commendable state of preservation, providing collectors with a tangible connection to the economic and political landscape of the era.

The obverse features the dignified portrait of King William III, capturing the essence of his rule during a transformative period. On the reverse, intricate details unfold, showcasing the craftsmanship of the time. The Very Fine to Good Very Fine grade indicates a moderate level of wear, preserving the coin’s detailed features and historical significance.

Coins from the reign of William III are highly valued by collectors for their cultural and historical context. This William III Crown with the First Bust invites numismatists to explore the economic transactions and societal dynamics of the late 1600s, offering a tangible link to the past. As a testament to the skill of the minting artisans and the enduring legacy of British coinage, this crown stands as a noteworthy and collectible addition to any discerning numismatic collection.

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