South West Africa 1938 Voortrekker Commemoration 1d Blue and Carmine and 11/2d Greenish Blue and Brown


Step back in time to the poignant era of the Voortrekker Commemoration in South West Africa with the enchanting collection of 1938 stamps. These stamps, featuring denominations of 1d in Blue and Carmine and 1 1/2d in Greenish Blue and Brown, represent a pivotal moment in the region’s history.

The South West Africa 1938 Voortrekker Commemoration stamps are not merely philatelic artifacts but also historical treasures that pay homage to the Voortrekkers’ pioneering spirit and the enduring heritage of the region.

Issued during a time when South West Africa was under South African administration, these stamps celebrate the significance of the Great Trek, a defining event in South African history. The 1d Blue and Carmine and 1 1/2d Greenish Blue and Brown stamps are adorned with intricate designs that capture the essence of this period, reflecting the cultural and historical resonance of the Voortrekkers.

The choice of denominations, colours, and designs in these stamps tells a story of a region that was proud of its historical roots and ready to embrace its future. Whether you’re a passionate philatelist seeking to enrich your collection or an enthusiast of history eager to explore South West Africa’s past, these stamps offer a unique opportunity to connect with an era marked by heritage and continuity.

The South West Africa 1938 Voortrekker Commemoration stamps, in 1d Blue and Carmine and 1 1/2d Greenish Blue and Brown, are not just postage stamps; they are enduring symbols of a region’s commemoration and identity. Immerse yourself in the artistry, history, and cultural significance of this remarkable period through these captivating philatelic gems.

Stamps: South West Africa 1938 Voortrekker Commemoration 1d blue and carmine and 11/2d greenish blue and brown

SG 80/81

Condition: Very Fine Mint Hinged (almost unmounted mint)

Catalogue value: £38

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