Kingdom of Bactria Eukratides Tetradrachm C171-145 BC


Experience the ancient allure of the Kingdom of Bactria with the Eukratides Tetradrachm, minted between 171 and 145 BC. This remarkable coin transports you back in time to the heart of the Hellenistic world, where the powerful rulers of Bactria left their indelible mark on history. Crafted with exquisite detail and precision, the tetradrachm bears the portrait of King Eukratides on the obverse, a testament to his authority and influence over the region. On the reverse, the majestic image of the Dioscuri, Castor and Pollux, symbolizes divine protection and guidance for the kingdom. With its large size and impressive weight, the tetradrachm reflects the wealth and prosperity of Bactria during this tumultuous period. A true numismatic treasure, this coin offers collectors a unique glimpse into the ancient past and the fascinating civilisation of Bactria.

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