Henry VI First reign 1422-1461 Groat 4d Annulet Issue Calais Mint EF


This Henry VI Groat hails from the significant period of his first reign, spanning the years 1422 to 1461. Minted during this historically charged era, this coin is part of the 4d Annulet Issue and was struck at the Calais Mint, further enhancing its historical importance. The EF (Extremely Fine) condition of this Groat speaks volumes about its preservation, showcasing the remarkable state of this numismatic specimen.

The reign of Henry VI was marked by political turmoil and shifting alliances, making coins from this period particularly intriguing for collectors and historians alike. This Groat, with its association to the 4d Annulet Issue, bears witness to the economic and monetary systems in place during this transformative time in England’s history.

The Calais Mint, noted for its strategic location and role in the medieval economy, adds an extra layer of significance to this coin. The craftsmanship and precision required for minting during this era are evident in the details of the coin’s design, and the EF grade ensures that these details remain exceptionally well-preserved.

As collectors seek tangible connections to the past, this Henry VI Groat offers a glimpse into the artistic and economic landscape of the 15th century. The annulet details and the association with Calais make this coin a captivating artefact, telling a story of medieval England through its carefully engraved features. For numismatists and enthusiasts, acquiring a coin in such a remarkable state of preservation is not just a possession; it is a key to unlocking the mysteries of a bygone era.

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