George III Bank of England 5 Shillings 1804 AEF


This distinguished numismatic specimen is a George III Bank of England 5 Shillings coin from the year 1804, presenting itself in an Almost Extremely Fine (AEF) state of preservation. The regal portrait of King George III graces the obverse side, exuding the elegance and craftsmanship of the early 19th century. On the reverse, the emblematic Bank of England insignia, alongside intricate detailing, showcases the artistry characteristic of the period.

The coin’s condition, denoted as Almost Extremely Fine, suggests that it bears minimal wear, with sharp details and well-defined features. The year 1804 further adds to its historical significance, capturing a moment in time during the reign of King George III.

This 5 Shillings coin, a testament to the numismatic legacy of the Georgian era, invites admiration for its historical resonance and remarkable state of preservation. A captivating piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike, this artifact bridges the past with the present, encapsulating the essence of a bygone era in British numismatics.

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