GB Queen Victoria 1d Black (Penny Black) Plate 2 C-L 4 Margins VFU


Queen Victoria’s reign marked a significant era in British history, and one of the most iconic symbols of her rule is the Penny Black, the world’s first adhesive postage stamp. Issued in 1840, during the early years of Victoria’s monarchy, the Penny Black revolutionized the postal system, making it more accessible to the public. This stamp featured a portrait of Queen Victoria in profile and was printed in black ink, hence its name. Its issuance marked a pivotal moment in communication history, facilitating the sending of letters and parcels across the vast British Empire.

The “C-L” inscription refers to the plate numbers used in the production of the Penny Black stamps. Each stamp sheet was divided into sections, with individual plates used for printing. These plate numbers are essential for collectors and philatelists in identifying and cataloging stamps. The presence of the C-L plate numbers on a Penny Black indicates its origin from these specific printing plates, adding to its historical and collector’s value.

Describing a Penny Black with “4 Margins VFU” denotes its condition and quality. “4 Margins” indicates that the stamp has ample space around its edges, a desirable trait among collectors as it showcases the design and avoids any cutting into the printed area. “VFU” stands for “Very Fine Used,” suggesting that the stamp is in excellent condition considering its age and usage. A Penny Black with such characteristics is highly sought after by collectors, embodying not only the historical significance of Queen Victoria’s reign but also the meticulous craftsmanship of early stamp production.

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