Bank of England Five Shilling (Dollar) 1804 Inverted K Below Britannia EF


This remarkable Bank of England Five Shilling (Dollar) coin from the year 1804 stands out with a distinctive feature—an inverted “K” positioned below Britannia on the reverse side. In Extremely Fine (EF) condition, this numismatic treasure showcases the impeccable craftsmanship of the early 19th century.

The obverse of the coin features a dignified portrayal of Britannia, embodying the strength and sovereignty of the British Empire during the reign of King George III. The reverse, marked by the unusual inverted “K” beneath Britannia, adds a unique and intriguing element to this historical artifact.

With a grade of Extremely Fine, this coin displays sharp details and well-preserved features. The year 1804 further enhances its historical allure, placing it within the context of a pivotal period in British history.

Collectors and enthusiasts will appreciate the rarity and historical significance of this Bank of England Five Shilling coin, as it bears witness to the intricate minting techniques and design intricacies of its era. An extraordinary addition to any collection, this coin invites admiration for its unique features and the rich history it encapsulates.

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