Antiochus III Tetradrachm c223-187 BC 25mm 14.8g


Delve into the rich history of the Seleucid Empire with the Antiochus III Tetradrachm, minted circa 223-187 BC. This ancient silver coin, measuring 25mm in diameter and weighing 14.8g, offers a window into the reign of one of the most influential rulers of the Hellenistic world. On the obverse, behold the majestic portrait of Antiochus III, adorned with a regal diadem, symbolising his authority and power as the king of the Seleucids. The reverse features a striking depiction of Apollo seated on an omphalos, a sacred stone representing the centre of the world, accompanied by the legend identifying Antiochus as the ruler. With its impressive size and exquisite craftsmanship, this tetradrachm exemplifies the wealth and grandeur of the Seleucid Empire during Antiochus III’s reign. A prized addition to any ancient coin collection, it invites you to explore the fascinating legacy of this formidable dynasty.

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