Anne Shilling 1711 In Good Very Fine Condition


This Anne Shilling from the year 1711 offers a captivating glimpse into the numismatic heritage of the early 18th century. Bearing the regal profile of Queen Anne, the obverse is a testament to the artistry of the period, with intricate detailing that brings the monarch’s likeness to life.

The reverse features the iconic crowned cruciform shields, surrounded by ornate accents, showcasing the heraldic beauty of the era. In Good Very Fine condition, this coin preserves a remarkable level of detail despite the passage of more than three centuries. The surfaces display a pleasing patina, adding to the coin’s historical allure.

This piece not only serves as a tangible relic of Queen Anne’s reign but also as a testament to the economic and cultural vibrancy of the time. The coin’s Good Very Fine condition makes it a notable addition to any collection, allowing collectors and enthusiasts to connect with the rich history encapsulated within its finely struck features. A coin such as this is a fascinating reminder of a bygone era and a captivating piece of numismatic history.

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